Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to start fishing?
First, you need an account for Second Life®! Not to frown, it's only $9.99 for a lifetime account! Not only will you be able to fish but you can chat, play other games, build houses, go to parties, all with thousands of other people from around the world! Click here for more information.

If you're a member of Second Life® and ready to fish, you will need a non-event rod and some bait. The rods are available from the vendor in the bait shop, and bait is sold in cans on the counter there as well. To purchase a rod, use the red arrows to navigate to the rod type you want, then right-click the vendor. Select the "Pay" option and enter the amount of the rod. Don't worry if you pay too much, the vendor will make the correct change. For the bait, right-click on the cannister of bait you wish to buy and select "Buy".

Q. I bought bait but I can't find it inventory!
There's a couple places it could hide. It most likely created a folder with the name of the bait in your inventory, so if you bought 50x Beginner's Bait 2.5, look for a "50x Beginner's Bait 2.5" folder. If not there, it may have hidden in your "Scripts" folder. This is common if somone gave you some bait directly.

Q. I'm not getting any fish I catch in inventory!
1. Make sure you're fishing at a Neo-Realms fishing camp in order to receive the items. Also, check your mute list to make sure Neo Loudon or Richie Richelieu are not in the mute list, they are the avatars who hand out fish.

Q. I want to catch X fish, what rod/bait do I need?
Here's a listing of what rods are best for catching specific groups of fish:

  • Beginner's Rod:
    Small fish, some medium, very rare large

  • Light Rod:
    Small fish, some medium, very rare large

  • Medium Rod:
    Medium fish, some small and large, ultra rare epic

  • Heavy Rod:
    Large fish, some small and medium, ultra rare epic

  • Pro Rod:
    Large and medium fish, some small and epic

  • Epic Rod:
    Epic, large and medium fish, some small

Consult the rods & bait page to determine which bait goes best with each rod.

Q. How do I load bait in the rod?
Drag the rod to the ground, and select the bait script from your inventory and drag the bait script onto the rod. Take your rod from the ground and wear it. You're all set! Note: If you replace a bait type in the rod with a different kind of bait, your old bait will be lost.

Q. How do I fish?
While wearing the rod, type /1cast. Repeat this each time you get a result. Typing /1help will show you the manual. Keep typing /1cast every time you get a result. Or, type /1gesture to get a gesture that maps /1cast to the F2 key. Be sure to activate this gesture once you receive it.

Q. What kind of things can I catch?
There are four classes of fish to catch: small, medium, large and epic. Different rods can catch different types of fish and give different bonuses to help catch. For a complete listing of fish available to catch, click here.

You may also catch charms, which give you free experience for your rod. To use a charm, take the charm script out of the box and drag the charm script to your inventory. Place your rod on the ground as if you were loading bait. Instead of loading bait, drag the charm script into the object contents of the rod, and gain experience! Be warned, there are faded charms that may add or subtract experience points!

Q. What are these xp and reward points I keep getting?
XP stands for experience points. As you fish, you accumulate more and more xp. Over time your rod will level up, granting bonuses to catching fish. Reward points are granted for successful catches and as tournament prizes. Similar to tickets at an arcade, reward points may be cashed in at the reward vendor for different prizes! Click here for a list of the current prize offerings.

Q. How do the fishing tournaments work?
Fishing tournaments provide a fun way to compete with your friends and fellow SL residents. Prizes are given for best catch and the top three total results scores. Winners received a cash award, collectable fishing trophies detailing the event, and reward points towards Neo-Realms prizes. The champion of the tournament also gets a unique champion vest to wear while fishing.

There are two types of tournaments Neo-Realms currently run. These are Event Rod and Open Rod tournaments.

  • Event rod tournaments do not use bait and free Event rods are distributed before the tournament. During these tournaments only Event rods may be used. If you compete, hold on to your Event rods, they gain experience and make it easier for you to catch fish next time!
  • Open rod tournaments use any bait and rod configuration. Event rods are still distributed for free before the tournament. You do not have to use bait if you wish, but using bait makes it easier to catch fish.

Check out tournament results and who's leading the pack!

Q. What do I do with the fish?
Whatever you like! The majority of the fish have mod permission, so feel free to add them to aquariums and put your own scripts in them. You do not need to keep the fish to get the experience.

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