Fishing Manual


Thank you for using the Neo Realms Fishing System! We hope to provide you with many hours of fun and entertainment in our efforts to bring fishing to Second Life.

WHAT'S NEW in 4.0:

  • Fishing system is now web based! Fish anywhere in the world!
  • Added new optional fishing sound effects.
  • Level cap increased to 25!
  • Optional menu driven casting. Cast by pressing a button instead of typing /1cast.
  • New menu system for help, casting and stats
  • Players now have access to a "bait queue", where you can keep an extra set of bait, swappable with any of your rods!
  • Reward points are now tied to a player's account, so you now only one reward point total!
  • Click on a reward vendor to see all the reward items possible, and check your catch history and see what you still have to catch!
  • Two new bait types! Quest Bait allows you a much better chance of catching quest items, and Super Bait supercharges your rod and allows it to fish as the next rod class up!
  • When competing in an event mode fishing tourney, whichever rod you are using will revert to an event rod for the duration of the tourney.
  • Type of bait can effect what size catch you get.
  • New SUPER EPIC fish class coming soon!


  1. Equip the rod by right-clicking the rod in your inventory and select "Wear".
  2. Holding your rod, equip bait by rezzing a bait prim on the ground. Click the "The Rod" button on the popup dialog to put the bait in your rod.
  3. Follow the instructions in the FISHING section below.

Be sure to click the rod at any time to get the fishing menu.

1. To fish, simply type "/1cast". This will trigger the rod to begin the fishing process. Once complete, the system will tell the rod if you were successful or not in a dialog popup. If you are successful, you will be asked if you would like to keep the fish in your inventory. There are many different kinds of fish, some with surprises inside them. :)

2. Another way to setup fishing is to use the Gesture provided in the rod. To use, click the rod to open the menu and select the "gesture" button to get the gesture. You can choose which function key you would like to map it to. Go to your gestures folder and activate it. Once active, you can press F2, F3, F4, or F5 to cast your line instead of typing each time.

3. You may also fish by clicking "options"->"popup ON". This will enable the menu to popup during each wait phase, where you may then click the "cast" button each time to fish.

Note that you can click your rod at any time to open the menu. If you are in the middle of a cast, you will receive a notification that the menu will open after the cast is complete.

You may fish anywhere in the world, but when you fish at one of our Neo-Realms fishing camps, you actually keep the fish you catch, gain more experience, compete in tournaments, and may participate in quests and receive award points redeemable for prizes! For more information, please visit our website at

Various types of rod and bait are for sale. Each type of rod and bait has a favored category of fish (i.e. to catch a medium type fish, one would want a medium rod and medium bait). The rod will determine the size of the fish, and the bait will help the ability to catch that fish. With the exception of the some free tournament modes, bait is expendable. To equip bait, rez the bait on the ground. You will be presented with two options: "The Rod" or "My Queue". If you select "The Rod" the bait will transfer to your rod, or if you select "My Queue" it will transfer to the bait queue in your player account, that can be accessed by any rod at any time. Note that if a new bait type is being loaded, the new bait type and quantity will overwrite the previous contents.

To exchange your current rod's bait with the bait queue, click the "swap bait" button on your main menu.

If you are loading the same kind of bait, the new quantity will add to the total. Be sure to visit for more info.

As your fish, your rod continually gains experience (xp). As you accumulate xp, your rod has a chance to gain up to 25 levels. These levels provide different bonuses to fishing. Bonuses include:

levels 1-5: chance of bonus to catching fish
levels 6-10: chance of bonus to catch points
levels 11-15: chance of bonus to catch rarity
levels 16-20: chance of bonus to quest catch
levels 21-25: chance of bonus to quest catch rarity and chance of bonus to catch points

Level 1: 150 xp
Level 2: 500 xp
Level 3: 2500 xp
Level 4: 5000 xp
Level 5: 10000 xp
Level 6: 16000 xp
Level 7: 23000 xp
Level 8: 31000 xp
Level 9: 40000 xp
Level 10: 50000 xp
Level 11: 60000 xp
Level 12: 70000 xp
Level 13: 80000 xp
Level 14: 90000 xp
Level 15: 100000 xp
Level 16: 110000 xp
Level 17: 120000 xp
Level 18: 130000 xp
Level 19: 140000 xp
Level 20: 150000 xp
Level 21: 160000 xp
Level 22: 170000 xp
Level 23: 180000 xp
Level 24: 190000 xp
Level 25: 200000 xp

To access help, click the rod, and press the "help" button.

Main Menu:

  • HELP: displays this text.
  • OPTIONS: click here to configure your fishing experience
  • BRAG: announce your rod stats to the world :)
  • GESTURE: this will give you a gesture to fish with the F3 key.
  • MANUAL: this will give you this notecard
  • RESTORE: should your rod have problems, click this to attempt to restore settings. Note: only click this if you are having problems!
  • SWAP BAIT: Your player account can store an additional bait. You may swap bait out of your rod with the queue by clicking this button.

Options Menu:

  • popup ON: turns on popup windows after each cast. Useful if you wish to fish by clicking the cast button from the menu.
  • popup OFF: turns off popup windows. Popups will only occur on a successful catch. (DEFAULT)
  • sound ON: turns on custom reeling, casting and catch sound effects. (DEFAULT)
  • sound OFF: turns off sound effects
  • main menu: takes you back to the main fishing menu

Help Menu:

  • the menu
  • how to fish
  • tourneys
  • website: takes you to
  • main menu: takes you back to the main fishing menu
  • manual: this will give this notecard
  • stats: takes you to the tour stats page of the website
  • live scores: takes you to the real-time tourney scores website

You may also say any of these options on channel 1 for the same effect. I.e. /1brag, /1gesture, etc.

Note: the /1stat command from 3.0 is no longer operational. To access your stats, simply click the rod. /1best is no longer in use as well. All of your catches are automatically entered into the worldwide best catch competition, with daily prizes.

There are two types of fishing tournaments: EVENT ROD (players may use the free event rod or any of their normal rods which will become event rods for the duration of the tourney), and OPEN ROD (any rod and bait are allowed). Keep an eye out on the events page for the next tourney. Before event time, visit the fishing camp shown as the host in the event listing, and click on a registration prim to register. From there, you may visit any Neo-Realms fishing camp to compete. For your catches to count, be sure to be at a Neo-Realms fishing camp. The top 3 total results and best catch will be entitled to trophies, reward points and cash prizes! For more information and to track tour status, please visit our website at and for real-time tourney stats visit

Tournament Types:
Event Rod Beginner Mode: All event rods are equal with a bonus to catching.
Event Rod: Rod level bonuses apply and all rods used are event rods.
Open Rod Beginner Mode: All rods are the same level with a bonus to catching.
Open Rod: Rod level bonuses apply.

For best results in Open Rod tournaments, use an Epic Rod!

As you fish at a Neo-Realms camp, you will acquire reward points. Reward points can be redeemed for prizes at the Rewarder Vendor in the bait shop. Touch the box to be taken to the Neo-Realms website, where you may peruse the reward entries and decide on your award. From this page you may also check your catch history, see quantities of fish caught, and see which fish you still need to catch!

After receiving quest rewards or winning a fishing tourney, you may receive a reward box. To use a reward box, rez the reward item from your inventory. Click the "load reward" button, and the reward points will be deposited into your player account.

Some items have surprises inside them! Keep an eye out for Zebra Mussels, 3-Eyed Springfields, Clown Knifefish, Boris the Bait Dodger and Red Gyrados! You can also catch CHARMS, which add xp to your rod! To use items in the fish, rez the fish from your contents folder, and if the fish has an item it will ask you to take them into inventory. Once you have obtained the items, rez them on the ground to use them.

To use charms, rez them on the ground with your rod out. Once the dialog window opens, select "load charm" to begin. There are two types of charms: Normal and Faded! Beware of faded, there's a chance it might be cursed and you will lose xp! However, if it is a good charm, the rewards will be more!

While fishing, you may have the opportunity to collect rare quest items to trade in for prizes! To redeem quests, you'll need quest collectors for each of the different quests available. Quests usually need all of the related quest items stored in a collector for you to claim your prize. Collectors are available for free in the wooden chests at each of the camps. You must be at a Neo-Realms camp to be eligible to collect quest pieces. Hint: Epic and Pro bait have the highest quest potential, with Quest Bait the best chance of all!

Loading a quest item into a collector:
To load a quest item into a quest collector, drag your quest collector from your inventory to the ground. Next, drag the quest item you just caught from your inventory to the ground. The loading procedure will begin, and you will get a dialog box. Select the "LOAD" button to begin the transfer. Each quest collector can only hold one of the required item at a time, so make sure you get extra quest collectors for duplicate pieces.

Quest redemption:
Once you have collected all of the pieces for a quest, the collector text will turn yellow. Next, rez your finished quest collector box from your inventory in front of the quest redeemer terminal. A dialog box will appear. Select the "LOAD" button and wait for your prizes! Quests can be completed more than once, so be sure to get a new quest collector after you receive your prize!

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