Scoopers Manual

With Scoopers, you can enjoy catching a variety of small fish, as well as participate in a 15-minute Game Mode where you try to collect the maximum number of stars, rubies and diamonds while avoiding the Thief Fish and his buddy Lil' Boris!

If you have any questions or experience a problem, please IM any of the Neo-Realms staff or email Have fun and enjoy!

To start scooping, simply wear your scooper. Your scooper must be on your right hand in order to work, this should be default. (Non-animated scoopers are on the left hand) Once worn, the scoopers main menu will pop up as a dialog box. Should the dialog box not pop up during the course of your scooping, simply click the net portion of your scooper and another dialog box will be displayed. To scoop, select a NORMAL, SHALLOW or DEEP scoop. Be sure to be near the pond for the scoop to be successful! :)

  • Streak: Scoopers do not gain experience, however, as you scoop more and more the scoopers accumulate streak. Streak improves your ability to catch fish with each try.

  • Breakage: Over time, scoopers will break. When scoopers break they lose all their accumulated streak. Some types of scoopers have a built-in safety, guaranteeing X number of scoops without breakage.

The Scoopers Menu keeps you up to date with scoopers left and your current streak. The buttons are set up as follows:

    This will start a normal scoop. Normal scoops have no added risk of breaking or bonus to catching.

    This will start a shallow scoop. Shallow scoops have less chance of breaking but less chance of catching as well.

  • DEEP:
    This will start a deep scoop. Deep scoops have a higher chance of breaking, but increased chance of catching.

  • Help:
    This command will display this notecard.

  • Start Game:
    This button will start a 15-minute Scooping Game. Daily prizes are awarded for best scoops. See the Scoop Game section for more information.

  • End Game:
    If a 15-minute Scooping Game is in progress, this command will end the game and submit your scores to the pond.

  • Save:
    This button will send a savestate email back to Neo-Realms. In case your scooper is lost or pulvarized by some means, this information can be used for restoration purposes.

  • Stats:
    This button will display the scooper stats in a dialog box. Stats displayed are Scoopers game version, Serial number, Scooper type, Scoopers left, Current streak, Highest Streak, Total points caught, High score for the Scooper game, and Reward points.

  • Brag:
    This button will vocalize your scooping prowess by whispering your total points, best streak and high score.

  • Exit:
    This closes the scoopers menu

The 3 boxes you will be interfacing with your scooper are Fillers, Streak Boxes and Reward Boxes.

  • Filler Scoops Box:
    Eventually you may run out of scoopers, or win scoopers in the pond. The Scoop Fillers replace your supply of scoopers similar to bait for fishing rods.

  • Streak Boxes:
    You may win streak points in the pond as well. Adding this box to your rod will instantaneously generate X amount of streak determined by the box.

  • Reward Boxes:
    All Neo-Realms games generate reward points. Reward points may be traded at the black vendor on deck for Neo-Realms merchandise and prizes. By loading this box, you will add X amount of reward points to the scooper.

To use a box:

  1. Have your scooper out and ready. Do not start scooping yet.
  2. Rez the box at your feet.
  3. Click the new box. A dialog box will pop up asking if you would like to add the stat to your scooper.
  4. When you're ready, click the load button. You will receive confirmation that you have received the stat

To start the 15 minute Scoopers Game, click the "Start Game" button.


  • STARS: +10000 pts, the main item you seek to acquire! :)

  • RUBIES: +1000 pts, once you catch 4 rubies they transform into a star, worth +10000 pts!

  • DIAMONDS: +2000 pts, diamonds protect you from Thief Fish and Lil Boris, once protection has been given, the diamond is destroyed.

  • STREAK: your streak stat in game mode is multiplied by 20 and added to your score.

  • SHALLOW SCOOPS: Each shallow scoop grants you +3 points each scoop.

  • NORMAL SCOOPS: Normal scoops grant +1 point each scoop.

  • DEEP SCOOPS: Deep scoops grant a better chance of catching items, but infers a -3 penalty per deep scoop.

  • NORMAL FISH: Normal fish count their point worth towards your game score.

  • THIEF FISH: Steals 1 ruby from you, so watch out! He can be blocked by a diamond.

  • LIL BORIS: The dreaded Lil' Boris is worst of them all. He steals 1 whole star from you, so beware! He can be blocked by a diamond.

You can cash in your reward points at the black vendor on deck at the Neo-Realms Fishing Camp. To get a list of all rewards, click the vendor or go to the rewards page.

To cash in your reward points, have your scooper out and type /1redeem;X
where X is the reward number of the item you wish to acquire.

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