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Neo-Realms Fishing Achievements

Wear your Achievement Hat and display your accomplishments in-world!

45 Total!

Competed in SFL 
Caught fish at Alston 
Own a fishing camp 
Used FreeCast 
Caught 50 Bernies 
Best Catch in a global tourney 
Placed 2nd or 3rd in a global tourney 
Completed a Dungeons & Fishers Run 
Competed in TFL 
Won a global tourney 
Won Worldwide FishGolf Round 
Won Worldwide Best Catch 
Won Worldwide Best Charge (Depth Charger Minigame) 
Worldwide Best Run for Dungeons & Fishers 
Caught 100 Boots 
Won a Grouchy McTagurit Worldwide Mini-game 
Nuclear Fishin' : Caught 250 3-Eyed Mutantfish (Next Badge 500) 
Won 10 global tourneys 
Best Worldwide Pro Crab Score 
Best Worldwide Pro Clam Score 
Finished Fishbowl Quest 
Finished Goblin Quest 
Finished Halloween Quest 
Finished Magic Portrait Quest 
Finished XP Medallion Quest 
Golden Ticket Winner 
Caught all Merman soldiers 
Over the Rainbow: Caught all 4 whales of Oz 
Weekly Drawing Winner 
Caught BIG RED 
Caught Green Lilly Eel 
Finished Dwarf Quest 
Completed Spawnometer Quest 
Caught Wish Fish 
Caught Trojan Seahorse 
Caught Kraken 
Finished Elf Quest 
Finished Top 25 ranking in a year 
Achieved level 5 on a rod (Next Badge 10) 
Winner of a Masters Drawing (Rod Level 26+ enter automatically) 
Best Worldwide Self-Tourney Score 
Winner of a Masters Drawing II (Rod Level 40+ enter automatically)