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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to start fishing?
First, you need an account for Second Life®! Not to frown, it's free! Not only will you be able to fish but you can chat, play other games, build houses, go to parties, all with millions of other people from around the world! Click here for more information.

If you're a member of Second Life® and ready to fish, you will need a non-event rod and some bait. The rods are available from the vendor in the bait shop, and bait is sold in cans on the counter there as well. To purchase a rod, use the red arrows to navigate to the rod type you want, then right-click the vendor. Select the "Pay" option and enter the amount of the rod. Don't worry if you pay too much, the vendor will make the correct change. For the bait, right-click on the cannister of bait you wish to buy and select "Buy". Be sure to check out the starter kits for the best value!

Q. I bought bait but I can't find it inventory!
The new 5.0 bait loads directly into your player account, so it will not give you a bait can.

Q. I'm not getting any fish I catch in inventory!
Make sure you are fishing in the same sim as a Neo-Realms fishing camp in order to receive the items. Also, check your mute list to make sure Neo Loudon is not in the mute list, thet is the avatar who hand out fish.

Q. I want to catch X fish, what rod/bait do I need?
Here's a listing of what rods are best for catching specific groups of fish:

  • Light Rod:
    Small fish, some medium, very rare large

  • Epic Rod:
    Best for tourneys, catches Epic, large and medium fish, some small. Super epic fish with Super bait!

Consult the rods & bait page to determine which bait goes best with each rod. If you use a smaller bait with a bigger rod, you'll catch smaller fish.

Q. How does the new bait system work?
No more accidentally overwriting bait! Neo-Realms fishing now has the Tacklebox bait system! Bait is no longer stored in queues or on individual rods, instead the tacklebox has storage for each type of bait, and is stored on your player account much like how your quest items are. When you rez a can of bait, the quantity will automatically go into your player account. When you buy bait from a vendor, it will automatically go into your account as well, so no rezzing of bait is even needed!

You will also get a free tacklebox to rez in-world that will let you transfer bait directly to another player's tacklebox account, and even make your own bait cans to give away to people! You can use the 'swap bait' button on the 5.0 rods to point to which type of bait you wish to draw from in your player account.

Q. How do I fish?
While wearing the rod, type /1cast, or simply click the 'cast' button on your rod menu. Repeat this each time you get a result. Click your rod at any time to get a list of help commands, or even a gesture to fish with a function key. Be sure to activate this gesture once you receive it.

Q. What kind of things can I catch?
There are five classes of fish to catch: small, medium, large, epic and superepic. Different rods can catch different types of fish and give different bonuses to help catch. For a complete listing of fish available to catch, click here.

You may also catch charms, which give you free experience for your rod. To use a charm, first wear your rod, then take the charm prim from your inventory and rez it on the ground. Follow the instructions and gain experience! Be warned, there are faded charms that may add or subtract experience points!

Q. What are these xp and reward points I keep getting?
XP stands for experience points. As you fish, you accumulate more and more xp. Over time your rod will level up, granting bonuses to catching fish. Reward points are granted for successful catches and as tournament prizes. Similar to tickets at an arcade, reward points may be cashed in at the reward vendor for different prizes! Click here for a list of the current prize offerings.

Q. How do the fishing tournaments work?
Fishing tournaments provide a fun way to compete with your friends and fellow SL residents. Prizes are given for best catch and the top three total results scores. Winners received a cash award, collectable fishing trophies detailing the event, and reward points towards Neo-Realms prizes. The champion of the tournament also gets a unique champion vest to wear while fishing.

There are two types of tournaments Neo-Realms currently run. These are Event Rod and Open Rod tournaments.

  • Event rod tournaments do not use bait and free Event rods are distributed before the tournament. During these tournaments only Event rods may be used. If you compete, hold on to your Event rods, they gain experience and make it easier for you to catch fish next time! Note: You can also use your regular rod to fish during an event rod tournament. Your rod will become an event rod for the duration of the competition.
  • Open rod tournaments use any bait and rod configuration. Event rods are still distributed for free before the tournament. You do not have to use bait if you wish, but using bait makes it easier to catch fish.
  • Best Catch Roundup tournaments are like 11 five-minute mini-tourneys in one! How it works: There are 11 5-minute rounds, in which the top 10 best catches during the round get 100/50/30/20/10/5/4/3/2/1 points respectively. At the end of the match all of the points from the rounds are added up to find a winner. Round ties are broken by number of catches and total points for that round, and overall points ties are broken by overall catch number and total points.

Beginner mode tournaments set all rod levels to 4, making the playing field level.

You can see tournament scores real-time here, and also check out tournament results and who's leading the pack!

Q. What do I do with the fish?
Whatever you like! The majority of the fish have mod permission, so feel free to add them to aquariums and put your own scripts in them. You do not need to keep the fish to get the experience.

Q. Can I fish anywhere?
You can fish anywhere in the world! However, if you fish at an Neo-Realms fishing camp, you'll get the fish in inventory, gain reward points that can be redeemed for prizes, and participate in fishing quests. You can own your own camp by purchasing the Neo-Realms Fishing System in the vendors, and can make money with commissions on NR merchandise you sell!

Q. How can my sim become an official Neo-Realms Camp.
The Neo-Realms fishing system is available! Click here for more information about joining the Neo-Realms network of Fishing Camps..

Q. What are the mini-games available for play?

Occasionally while fishing, you may catch a Grouchy McTagurIT fish. If you are the last person to tag him before the contest timer runs out, you will win the grouchy prize! Grouchy is available for catch in all fish classes, and Epic bait increases the chance to catch him. You can see the current timer on the homepage of the website, or on any daily stats prim at a Neo-Realms fishing camp.

If you have the highest catch at the end of the day, you will get the best catch prize.

If you catch the Golden-Ticket-Fish, you will automatically be entered into a prize drawing held weekly for bait and other prizes! The Golden-Ticket-Fish is available in the Large, Epic and Super Epic size classes.

If you catch a Dead Red, you have the chance to attempt a craft for Super Epic Bait. Super Epic Bait allows your rod to be treated as one class higher, so your Epic Rod would become a Super Epic Rod when used, allowing you to catch these rare specimens. To attempt a craft, rez the Dead Red on the ground. If you succeed, you will be give Super Epic Bait.

Pocket tourneys allow you to run a 2 or 4 person mini-tournament anytime you'd like. For the 4 person model, you can also play teams. Pocket tourneys are available in the vendor at Alston bait shop.

FishGolf is our brand new HUD mini-game where you can advance down the course with your fish catches, using club multipliers to effect distance! There is a Global tourney each day for a FishGolf prize pack, as well as prizes for the best local round at each camp! FishGolf also comes with a Custom Course maker to share your designs with friends, and a fully operational Tourney system to compete with your friends, and includes Trophies to give away! The FishGolf Kit is available in vendors at any camp.

Neo-Realms Gold Camps award a daily prize for the best small, medium and overall catch. To enter the running, just fish anywhere in the sim that contains a Neo-Realms Gold Camp! You can find a list of gold camps on the website at

If you are in a sim equipped with a Neo-Realms Gold Camp, you can also get a daily award for having the best FishGolf score! To compete, play the global tourney of FishGolf and complete it in the sim.

New fishing football/soccer inspired mini-game! Two teams of 2 battle it out to fish down the field to score! Set your goalie to block the other team's advances! Fishball games are available in rod vendors at every fishing camp.