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Neo-Realms Franchise and Sponsorship Information


The Neo-Realms Fishing Systems are available for purchase!  These fishing systems can help you increase traffic to your location, provide added value to your rental communities for tenants, or simply allow you to enjoy fishing at your favorite location.

You can purchase a Neo-Realms Fishing System at any Neo-Realms Vendor. A Neo-Realms Fishing System allows you to receive fish and quest items in inventory. If you wish to provide additional minigames and daily prizes to your fishers furnished by Neo-Realms, you may be interested in upgrading to our Gold Camp subscription by paying your vendor.

All fishing camps come with a complementary Local Tournament System, allowing you to have a local tourney with up to 55 players anytime you wish. You also receive a Custom fish distributor, if you wish to allow your own creations to be caught. All locations can also compete in the many Neo-Realms Global Tourneys each day.

Neo-Realms Fishing System
  • $295L one time cost. No Subscription due! (2-41 prims)
  • You will receive your NR Fishing System Kit to rez your camp as desired. Place in as many locations as you like!
  • Vendors pay 20% Commission.
  • Local tourney system included to host tourney events with many game modes.
  • Info boards to display the latest Fishing News.
  • Fish in Global Tourneys from all of your locations!
  • Receive reward points and XP bonuses at your locations.
  • Comes with Owner's Best Catch system so you can reward best catches.
  • Comes with reward and quest convenience vendors.
  • Comes with 1-prim versions of the tourney scoreboard and all-time high scores viewers.
  • Good for camps who desire reward points and XP bonuses but do not need camp minigames.
Optional Gold Subscription (Mini-games & Neo-Realms Furnished Prizes)
  • Subscription rates are $225/wk* (~59-63 prims)
  • Vendors pay 25% commission on all sales.
  • Gold Camps come with additional camp-specific mini-games, such as Depth Charger!, Crabbing!, Local Camp Daily Best Catch, Best Small Catch, Best Medium Catch and FishGolf Local Best Score Competitions, which give away daily prizes furnished by Neo-Realms.
  • Camp can be entered into the XP Happy Hour drawing: a twice daily drawing that enables 2 camps a day to catch double experience points for an hour.
  • Daily prizes distributed include:
    • 1x Best Catch Charm
    • 2x Best Catch Charm Lite
    • 1x FishGolf Charm
    • 1x Charger Charm
    • 2x Crabbing Charms
    • 50x Reward Points
  • An optional global tournament system can be installed for you to host global tourneys for maximum visibility. In order to host global fishing tournaments, you or your host must be familiar with the Neo-Realms Fishing System, and have fished for at least 5 weeks. Once eligible, the system will be installed at your location, and you can then be trained to run the tournaments. New tournament systems, training, and tournament scheduling must be cleared with Shannah Halberd, our tournament coordinator. If you wish to have an official tourney (scores and standings recorded on the fishing website), you must commit to the same day and time each week.
  • Your camp will be featured higher on the Neo-Realms Fishing website. (Unless your camp is marked private.)
* Regular price $300/wk - your commission discount if you pay via your own vendors.


Comparison of  Camp Types


Standard Fishing System
Gold Subscription
Experience Points
Fish in Global Tourneys From Camp
Host Global Tourneys From Camp
Custom Catch Distributor
Host Local Tourneys From Camp
Reward Point Prizes Distributed from Local Tourney
Refresh Time of Local Tourney Reward Point Prize Distribution
Every 24 hrs
Every 12 hrs
Owner's Best Catch System (You provide your own prizes)
Reward Points for Catches
Neo-Realms Mini-Games
Depth Charger! (Best Charger Reward)
Crabbing (Best Quick and Pro)
Local Camp Daily Best Catch
Best Small Catch
Best Medium Catch
FishGolf Local Best Score
Dungeons & Fishers Best Run
Prizes furnished by Neo-Realms
Commission Amount
XP Happy Hour Enabled
(Random drawing 2x a day for a camp to become enabled with double experience points)
L$295 one time fee. No subscription needed.
L$225/wk with discount

Camp Notes:

  • Be sure to rez the NR Fishing System Prim to activate your sim for fishing.
  • To pay for a Gold subscription, you can pay the Gold 5 week subscription item in your rod vendor. You will receive your normal commission discount when paying this.
  • You can set up as many camps as you like. If you need to go over 10 sims to cover all of your properties, please contact Sweegy Manilow to extend the limit.
  • Your location will be advertised on the website with a slurl link. If you wish to remain private, be sure the privacy is selected on your NR Fishing System Prim.
  • To make sure your camp is listed on the website, click your NR Fishing System Prim, click the privacy button to make sure privacy is off, then click name and say the camp name, and then click REFRESH. Your camp will be updated on the website in a few hours.
  • If your Gold Subscription lapses, you will automatically revert to the standard Neo-Realms Fishing System. There will not be any interruption in fishing service.


  • Fishermen will need to rez objects temporarily on your land in order to load bait, charms and quests.
  • Tournaments: If you wish to have tournaments at your location, we do not provide hosts but can see if any that we've trained are willing/able to host a tournament for you. You are responsible for getting hosts for your tournaments. You are also limited to 3 official tournaments per host. An official tournament requires that you give at least $600L in prize money and have a fixed time for the event each week.
  • Neo-Realms reserves the right to refuse global tourneys for a location or host.

What Your Subsription Fee Is Used For

Your subscription fees are used for covering the cost and maintenance on all of our dedicated fishing servers, to ensure you and your fellow fishermen have the most reliable fishing experience possible.

To order, please visit our Rod Vendor and purchase the "Neo-Realms Fishing System" or "Gold Camp Subscription", or contact Sweegy Manilow with any questions. You can also find us on the SL Marketplace here.


Sponsorship opportunities are available for businesses, and may include supporting:

  • Weekly Official Fishing Tournaments
    Sponsorship of one or more of our weekly tournaments. For example, text for tournament would be "Sweegy's Event Rod Tourney Presented by BusinessName" or "BusinessName Event Rod Tourney"
  • Special Event Tournaments
    Sponsorship of a unique event, such as a multi-hour fishing rodeo.
  • Monthly Cup Series
    Cup Series are the total of several special event scores added together to produce a final monthly winner. The Cup series would be named after your business (i.e. Carling Cup, Nextel Cup, etc). Custom trophy builds may also be available for additional fee. See examples here.
  • Reward Vendor Donations
    SL business can donate items for our reward vendor, and place landmarks and promotional materials inside the reward to distribute. The reward vendor page would also list your company information and short advertisement area in the reward description space. The items to distribute must be copy versions and approved by Neo-Realms staff. Donations may also receive rental credit or bait as compensation.
  • Neo-Realms Team Fishing League
    Several tiers of sponsorship are available for this season. For more information on pricing levels, please visit the sponsorship section

For more information, please contact Sweegy Manilow or