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How-To Fish Guide


First, you need an account for the Second Life® World! Not to frown, it's free! Not only will you be able to fish but you can chat, play other games, build houses, go to parties, all with millions of other people from around the world! Click here for more information.

Once you're in the Second Life world, you'll need to visit a Neo-Realms Fishing Camp. You can click any of the links on the left side for any one of a variety of camps.

In order to fish, you'll need a rod and bait. You can get these at the bait shop of your nearest Neo-Realms fishing camp. The main fishing camp is in Alston, but feel free to click on any link on the left sidebar of the site to take you to an affiliate camp.

TIP: The best value is a starter pack. If you're new to fishing and wish to try it out, you can get a Light Rod Starter Pack for only $16, and comes with a light rod, 500x beginner's bait, and an assortment of goodies. To catch the most fish economically, try a Medium Rod Starter Pack at only $100. They can catch small, medium and large fish. To go straight for the big fish, try an Epic Rod Starter Pack for $250. This includes an Epic Rod, 50x Pro bait, and goodies as well.


Once you have your rod and bait, go to your inventory. Right click on the rod name and click the wear button. You have now equipped your rod on your avatar.


In order for the rod to work, you will need to load bait. Left click and hold the bait in your inventory menu, and drag it to the ground. You'll need to be in an area where you can rez items, and if you're at a Neo-Realms Fishing Camp then you should have no trouble. This will pop open a blue menu. Click "LOAD" to load the bait to your player account.

Next you will need to tell the rod which bait you would like to draw from in your player account. Click the rod, and click 'swap bait' to set the same type of bait you just loaded to be used with the rod.

There are several different bait types, and the type of bait will grant bonuses to different types of fish. Changing bait is simple - just click the "swap bait" button on the blue menu you get while fishing, and choose the new bait. Any additional bait you load gets added to the bait you have. The system keeps track of what bait you have, how much of each type, so you can switch to different bait at any time without losing anything.


There are several ways to cast your rod.


To cast by typing, simply type "/1cast" in the chat window. This will cause your rod to cast. The rod will automatically reel itself back in, and when you get a notice of a catch or miss, the rod will be ready to cast again.


Another way is to click the cast menu on the popup window. To access the popup window, just click the rod. You can set the popup window to reappear each time a cast is complete by opening the window and clicking the options button, then click "Popups ON".


You can also cast simply by setting up a gesture to cast for you. To get a gesture, click the rod to open the menu and select the "gesture" button to get the gesture. You can choose which function key you would like to map it to. Go to your gestures folder and activate it. Once active, you can press F2, F3, F4, or F5 to cast your line instead of typing each time. Once your gesture is activated, you may also cast simply by typing "cast" in the chat window as well.


If you catch a fish, and are at a Neo-Realms Fishing Camp, you will be given the notice to receive the fish or item as a prize. Click "Accept" to keep the item, or "Decline" to discard it. You do not need to keep the fish, but keep in mind some fish have special prizes inside of them. You will also want to keep Charms and Quest items as well. For each catch you receive at a Neo-Realms Fishing Camp, you'll also receive 1 reward point. These points, like tickets at an arcade, can be redeemed at the Reward Vendor for special prizes. For each success, your fishing rod also accumulates xp, and it may level up, giving you bonuses to catching fish.

You may fish anywhere in the world, but when you fish at one of our Neo-Realms fishing camps, you actually keep the fish you catch, gain more experience, compete in tournaments, and may participate in quests and receive award points redeemable for prizes. However, all fishing mini-games will still work normally anywhere in the world.

There are several rod and bait types, and each have different bonuses to catch several classes of fish. The fish range in sizes from: small, medium, large, epic and super epic. Each type of rod and bait has a favored category of fish. For example, to catch a medium type fish, one would want a medium rod and medium bait for best results. Epic rods with pro or epic bait are the best at catching the epic sizes and quest items.

Be sure to visit for more info.


You can set what type of items are sent to you each time by clicking on your rod to get the fishing menu. Then go to 'options' -> 'set:FISH'. You can then allow all fish and items to be sent to you every time, only special items to be sent to you, or special items and fish you've never caught before to be sent. This helps with inventory management. :)


As your fish, your rod continually gains experience (xp). As you accumulate xp, your rod has a chance to gain up to 25 levels. These levels provide different bonuses to fishing. Bonuses include:
levels 1-5: chance of bonus to catching fish
levels 6-10: chance of bonus to catch points
levels 11-15: chance of bonus to catch rarity
levels 16-20: chance of bonus to quest catch
levels 21-25: chance of bonus to quest catch rarity and chance of bonus to catch points
levels 26-35: chance of entry into the masters drawing each week for prizes
levels 36-40: chance to get increased reward points


To access help, click the rod, and press the "help" button.

Main Menu:
* CAST: cast the rod
* REFRESH: reload the current stats and bait for the rod from the server
* HELP: displays this text.
* OPTIONS: click here to configure your fishing experience
* NEXTTOURNEY: displays the next global tourney and gives you a SLURL link
* SWAP BAIT: Sets the bait to use for the rod. It tells the server what type of bait to pull from your tacklebox to use.
* MANUAL: this will give you this notecard
* NEXTLOCAL: displays the next local tourney and gives you a SLURL link
* WORLDSTATS: displays the Worldwide Best Catch and other worldwide minigames info
* TOOLS: access websites and other utilities for the rod
* WHEREAMI: displays the current sim's status, if they work for global tourneys, and gets a SLURL to the location
* YOURSTATS: takes you to your personal website to access your stats and information

Options Menu:
* SET:fish: Sets what comes to your inventory. You can allow all fish, only items, or just new fish you have never caught.
* SET:sound: Sets the casting sound on/off
* SET:anim: Sets your casting animation on/off
* SET:popup: Sets the blue menu popup on after catches, always on after each cast, or never popup
* SET:chat: Sets catch announcements to whisper (ON) or to keep private to yourself (OFF)
* SET:local: Turns local custom catches on/off

Tools Menu:
* RESTORE: should your rod have problems, click this to attempt to restore settings. Note: only click this if you are having problems!
* LOCATIONS: visits the NR website with a list of all public fishing camps
* WEBSITE: visits the NR website
* SCORES: directs you to the NR Global Tourney Scores page
* YOURSTATS: takes you to your personal website to access your stats and information
* GESTURE: this will give you a gesture to fish with a function key.
* BRAG: announce your rod stats to the world :)

You may also say any of these options on channel 1 for the same effect. I.e. /1brag, /1gesture, etc.

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Some fish have surprises! Keep an eye out for FishMera, Kraken, Dead Red, Jackolantern, Old Boris, Wish Fish, BIG RED, Trojan Seahorse, Boris the Bait Dodger, BIG GREEN, Green Lilly Eel, Clown Knifefish, Spiked Zebrafish, Zebra Mussel and 3-Eyed Mutant Fish! Catch one of those and a prize will follow! You can also catch CHARMS, which add xp to your rod!


While fishing, you may have the opportunity to collect rare quest items to trade in for prizes. There are currently two types of quests: Collection Quests, and automatic quests.


Collection Quests:
To craft your quest reward, you will need to add the needed quantity of item to your virtual quest collector. This is your crafting forge that is attached to your player account. You can access this virtual quest collector from any quest item. To add an item to the quest collector, wear the item and click on it to display the menu. Then click the add button and the quantity needed (usually 1). Repeat this for all of the quest items in the quest series. Once you have filled your quest collector with each required piece, click DO QUEST! to craft your reward!


XP Medallion Quests:
The XP Medallion quest is a special quest that will allow you to transfer rod stats to a new rod. This is handy if you have been leveling a smaller rod such as a beginner's rod, and wish to move on to a bigger rod like the Epic Rod. To start this process, first rez the xp medallion to claim the prizes inside. Then, contact Sweegy Manilow to arrange the rod transfer. Once confirmed, you will send a folder with your name on it with the xp medallion and a notecard with the serial numbers of the rods you wish to transfer. You can find the serial number in the chat history when you equip a rod. Note that the target rod will lose all stats on it, and the rod with stats moving will be wiped to 0.


Automatic Quests:
Automatic Quests will happen without you having to do any work. An example of these are the Big Bernie 50, 500 and 5000 quests. Simply by catching 50 big bernies you will be sent a prize the next day. These prizes are usually computed at midnight SL time.


Hint: Epic and Pro bait have the highest quest potential, with Quest Bait the best chance of all! Also, be sure to check the fish page of the website to see which quests apply to which class of fish, so you may use the appropriate rod and bait to achieve success.


Occasionally while fishing, you will catch items called Charms. Charms are loaded like bait into your rod, and will increase the xp currently on the rod. To use charms, rez the item on the ground while you are wearing your rod. Make sure you are not currently casting. Once the dialog window opens, select "load charm" to begin.

There are two types of charms: Normal and Faded! Beware of faded charms, there's a chance it might be cursed and you will lose xp! However, if it is a good charm, the rewards will be more than a normal one.


Each time you catch a fish, you will receive a reward points. You may also receive reward boxes for winning tournaments or other special events or activities. To use a reward box, simply rez the item on the ground. Click the "load reward" button on the popup window, and the reward points will be deposited into your player account.


To buy special prizes with your reward points, click on the Rewards Vendor at any Neo-Realms Fishing Camp. You will receive a popup window asking you to go to the website. Click OK and your web browser will open. From this page you can browse for prizes you would like. Once you have a found a desired prize, click the "Get item!" button. This will prompt you to confirm your purchase. Once made, your item will be delivered to you in-world.

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There are several other options available from the web portal. Next to your name at the top, you can check to see how many reward points you currently have.


Also from the links at the top, you can access your current rods. Click on the "Click here view your rods and swap bait!" link. You will see a listing of your current rods and your current bait queue. You can click the [Swap Queue] button on any rod to transfer the bait queue to that rod. Note that you cannot do this while casting.


You can click the "Click here to enter weekly and monthly contests!" link to enter contests with your reward points.


Clicking "Click here to see your 4.0 fishing catches!" will take you to your catch history page. From here you can see all of the fish you have currently caught, and which have not. You can also see the count of the number of each fish you have caught.


Clicking "Click here to view your 4.0 Quests Inventory!" will take you to your 4.0 quest page. From here you can see the complete inventory of your quest items, what is in your virtual quest collector, and receive extra quest counters in-world if needed.


If you'd like to enable your own land as a Neo-Realms Fishing Camp, it's easy! Go to your local Neo-Realms rod vendor and purchase the Neo-Realms Fishing System. It's cheap, you can set it up in as many places as you like, and you can make money by rezzing NR fishing vendors on your land that pay 20% commission. There are also Gold upgrade subscriptions for the serious camp owner that will enable you to participate in global tourneys from your land, receive reward points for fish caught, higher commission rates, fun minigames and more! For more info, please visit


Tournaments are a fun way to compete with other fishers. There are several tournaments daily, and you can find the schedule at the


There are two types of fishing tournaments: EVENT ROD, where players may use the free event rod or any of their normal rods which will become event rods for the duration of the tourney, and OPEN ROD, where any rod and bait are allowed. Keep an eye out on the events page for the next tourney. Before event time, visit the fishing camp shown as the host in the event listing, and click on a registration prim to register. From there, you may fish at any Neo-Realms fishing camp to compete. For your catches to count, be sure to be at a Neo-Realms fishing camp. The top 3 total results and best catch will be entitled to trophies, reward points and cash prizes! For more information and to track tour status, please visit our website at and for real-time tourney stats visit




Event Rod Beginner Mode: All rods are equivalent to a level 4 event rod, so there is an even playing field. You do not need bait for an event rod tournament.


Event Rod: Rod level bonuses apply and all rods used are event rods. If you are using, for example, a level 10 epic rod, it will be treated as a level 10 event rod for the tournament. No bait is needed for event rod tournaments.


Open Rod Beginner Mode: All rods are equivalent to a level 4 rod of the same type.


Open Rod: Rods act normally.


Beginner Mode Event Rod BC Roundup: All rods become event rods that are equal with a bonus to catching.


Open Rod BC Roundup: Rod level bonuses apply.


TIP: For best results in Open Rod tournaments, use an Epic Rod with a good bait.

Best Catch Roundup Tourneys are like 11 5-minute mini-tourneys in one! How it works: There are 11 5-minute rounds, in which the top 10 best catches during the round get 100/50/30/20/10/5/4/3/2/1 points respectively. At the end of the match all of the points from the rounds are added up to find a winner. Round ties are broken by number of catches and total points for that round, and overall points ties are broken by overall catch number and total points.

BC Roundups are available in Beginner Mode Event Rod and Open Rod formats.




All Neo-Realms Fishing Camps come equipped with Local Tourneys, allowing the camp owner to conduct mini-tourneys whenever they wish! Look for a scoreboard with boxes stacked. To enter a Local Tourney, click the board when registration is opened. You must stay in within the same sim as the scoreboard to make sure your catches count for this type of tournament. There are several game modes on local tourneys! They include:

  • OPEN: Fish points count directly to the score, similar to an Open Rod Tourney
  • AVG: Average mode. This mode all fish, no matter what their actual size are, will count for 50-200 points randomly. This mode is useful for different sizes of rods to compete against each other.
  • OPENFIVE: This is OPEN FIVESIES mode, where every 5th fish caught will give 5x point multiplier to the score.
  • AVGFIVE: AVG FIVESIES mode, where scores are altered to be randomly 50-200, and every 5th fish caught will give a 5x point multiplier to the score.
  • OPEN-ABC: This is OPEN ALPHAFISH mode, where random letters will be called, and if you catch a fish starting with that letter, you will earn a 5x points bonus on that fish. Every minute, there is a 50% chance of the letter to be changed.
  • AVG-ABC: This is AVG ALPHAFISH mode, with fish points between 50-200, and a 5x multiplier applied to fish starting with the same letter as the bonus.


Occasionally while fishing, you may catch a Grouchy McTagurIT fish. If you are the last person to tag him before the contest timer runs out, you will win the grouchy prize! Grouchy is available for catch in all fish classes, and Epic bait increases the chance to catch him. You can see the current timer on the homepage of the website, or on any daily stats prim at a Neo-Realms fishing camp.


If you have the highest catch at the end of the day, you will get the best catch prize.


If you catch the Golden-Ticket-Fish, you will automatically be entered into a prize drawing held weekly for bait and other prizes! The Golden-Ticket-Fish is available in the Large, Epic and Super Epic size classes.


Also added to the fishing system are white and red XP crystals! You can catch red ones at gold camps, and white ones everywhere else in the world. Red crystals are worth 3 points, and white crystals are worth 1 point. Rez these crystals as you would a charm. When enough global crystal points have been collected, there will be a global XP HAPPY DAY, where all catches will bring you double experience!

Gold camp sims now have the option of rezzing a XP HAPPY HOUR item. Two drawings (one before noon and one before midnight) will be held each day, and any gold camp with the box rezzed has the opportunity to be drawn for the XP HAPPY HOUR, where all catches in the sim will have 2x experience on catches for the hour! Be sure to keep an eye on those boxes. If they change color then the XP Happy Hour is going on!

Your catches will also show *2XP* to denote you are participating in a happy hour.


Click the contests button on your rod to enter yourself into a daily 30 minute tourney. Your scores are recorded and compete against other recorded scores for daily prizes. Current daily scores can be found at


Our newest fishing mini-game, Dungeons & Fishers, has launched! In this HUD game you will be traversing dungeons, trying to survive monster encounters while accumulating treasure! Along the way you will find many items that will aid you in your journey. Each level is guarded by a boss monster, blocking the way to deeper levels with even more powerful creatures and treasures.

Daily prizes are given to the Worldwide Best (+150 epic bait, +50 charm points, +100 reward points) and Simwide bests for sims equipped with a Neo-Realms Gold Camp (+50 charm tokens, +50 reward points).


Crabbing is here! There's two modes you can play in each sim: Quick and Pro modes! Simwide prizes for best Quick and Pro modes, and a Worldwide daily prize for the best 5 crabbing scores collected. For pro mode: Drop your Crabbing pot in each sim each day, keep checking back and when you're ready, pull it up for your final score!


Enjoy some explosive, AoE fishing as you launch charges to try to catch as many fish as possible all in one go! Daily simwide prizes will be given for the best charge as well as for the best worldwide daily charge. Fishers may charge once per sim per day.


If you catch a Dead Red, you have the chance to attempt a craft for Super Epic Bait. Super Epic Bait allows your rod to be treated as one class higher, so your Epic Rod would become a Super Epic Rod when used, allowing you to catch these rare specimens. To attempt a craft, rez the Dead Red on the ground. If you succeed, you will be give Super Epic Bait.


Pocket tourneys allow you to run a 2 or 4 person mini-tournament anytime you'd like. For the 4 person model, you can also play teams. Pocket tourneys are available in the vendor at Alston bait shop.


New fishing football/soccer inspired mini-game! Two teams of 2 battle it out to fish down the field to score! Set your goalie to block the other team's advances! Fishball games are available in rod vendors at every fishing camp.


FishGolf is our brand new HUD mini-game where you can advance down the course with your fish catches, using club multipliers to effect distance! There is a Global tourney each day for a FishGolf prize pack, as well as prizes for the best local round at each camp! FishGolf also comes with a Custom Course maker to share your designs with friends, and a fully operational Tourney system to compete with your friends, and includes Trophies to give away! The FishGolf Kit is available in vendors at any camp.

Neo-Realms Gold Camps award a daily prize for the best small, medium and overall catch. To enter the running, just fish anywhere in the sim that contains a Neo-Realms Gold Camp! You can find a list of gold camps on the website at


If you are in a sim equipped with a Neo-Realms Gold Camp, you can also get a daily award for having the best FishGolf score! To compete, play the global tourney of FishGolf and complete it in the sim.